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Sasha Raskin’s sound is a seamless blend of rock instruments and electronic landscapes. Following his remixes for artists such as Bjork and Trent Reznor’s project How To Destroy Angels, as well as songs on different compilations, a Debut Album “Only Music” was self released in 2011, after 8 years of work and 40 songs that were destroyed in the process.

Couple of remixes later, in 2013 Sasha Raskin released his 2-nd album, Sea Sand. It involved five people who never met, five versions of one song, and took one year in making. Sasha Raskin’s experiment was to make this time music in a totally new way. For this project he composed different songs with musicians who he never met via the internet based on one vocal recording he sang. For a year he worked on the drafts sent to him by ScottM from Canada, Tatsuya Shimazaki from Japan, and Fedepiano from Italy. For the fourth song Raskin recorded Miri, a singer from Israel whom he met only once. The final song was recorded from scratch by Raskin at the end.

sasha raskin in studio 10

Sasha Raskin, a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, began experimenting with different bleeps and bits at 13. Later on he incorporated harmony, melody, vocals and organic instruments like bass, piano and guitar. For Raskin, it’s all about giving to others what music has given him. That’s why he challenges today’s industry conventions, and similar to the Free Source philosophy lets others to download his music for free. Those who wish to download his albums in iTunes are welcome to do so and support his work. But those who wish to get all his music for free are welcome too. 

Why free? Sasha Raskin believes that music is more than a product and by putting the money out of the equation he freed himself from the need to be a part of a market. By doing so Raskin is able to create whatever and whenever he wishes and to release his music only when he feels it’s perfect. By giving away the results of years of work without expecting nothing in return Sasha Raskin has found the ultimate freedom.

In his live shows Raskin re-composes his songs in a real time using a blend of new technologies and vocals. By definition and the way the shows are set up based on cutouts and improvisation, no show can be the same as the other, to reflect the random processes that stand in the heart of music creation and life as a whole.