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“Lyrically and emotively Sea Sand is a beautiful collaboration of musicians experimenting in a way only the new flat world offers.”



The central theme of ‘Sea Sand’ is meditation as well as the connection through the physical separation of people of different nationalities, never met before, which can work together on a common project: the title of the song is from there, tiny grains of sand that together form a single element. The five songs of “Sea Sand” explore the sensitivity of mainly electronic sounds by the musicians involved. (from Italian)




“Do not rely on the efficiency and the energy of the first title to automatically store the music of Sasha Raskin in the category electro-pop mainstream. It often takes a bit to make an impression and make people want to listen more and we must admit that Only Music plays this role perfectly: a neat melody, a gimmick that goes well, a quality recording and mixing to make many envious and a rate that does not weaken … except when the final bridge that surprises us immediately by its originality and finally convinces us that what will follow will be at least sooooo interesting.” (from French)





“Quantum Love’s gentle acoustic guitar and flute had me drifting away.”





“New EP from the intriguing Israeli musician and producer Sasha Raskin, whose remix of Bjork I especially loved this year. Take it for free on Bandcamp, it sounds great.” (from Hebrew)





“This Israeli musician’s EP is another free download. He says “Music saved my life. Whether if you’re a musician or not, I guess that in some part it did the same for you.” He makes extensive use of electronics, creating an imaginative soundscape with a laid back, spiritual vibe. Beautifully produced and original.”





“Only Music mixes broken rhythms and synths with everything from brass and funked-out guitars to plucked violin strings and lonely saxophone lines.”





“Through the piano, bass, saxophone, and guitar, it is possible to identify melodies and harmonies which perfectly complement the linearity of the electro beats of music. Openness of mind which results in a deep musical mix of genres.” (from French)





“For 8 long years Sasha Raskin, a singer songwriter who lives in Israel, has been working on his debut EP. Everything finally came to fruition on December 13th and Only Music saw the light of day. The album is full of songs that are emotional and introspective both musically and lyrically. The songs work together to create something beautiful and religious.”





“His new album, Only Music, recorded in company with other good musicians, full of deep, very beautiful music and beautiful vocals. Listen and enjoy!” (from Russian)





“Breathe In by Sasha Raskin is half rock ballad, half electro pop, held together by great vocals.”





“His music, to summarize the style is something very open: a mix of rock, electro rhythms, jazz, groove … A great blend of undoubtedly harmonious sound! And for this mixture, Sasha Raskin immersed in music and writing at the age of 13. The reason that the music is so essential in his life, is that Sasha Raskin has a musical philosophy: to give to others what music has given him. An idea that defined the spirit of free music there …”


CLICKNROCK (from French)



“It’s just all about and only music. Sasha’s debut EP album’s name Only Music for me is wrong, cause seeing the artworks for every song and hearing the sound compilation, I catch it as a creative way to show sense and higher task of music. And even because album was made destroying nearly 40 songs!

Might say that every of 6 songs is like a small world. For example, listen to the song Requiem For Beginnings and look on the artwork. Blossom of dills (I guess) is a perfect model of Universe. Start point of blast and then links to many many other little galactics. Nature as Universe and this motive appears on every artwork.”





“There’s a new Bjork remix to listen and download. Another downtempo remix, another taking the classical influences to a peak and turning the melodrama up to 11 in the process. This one is a lovely but angst-ridden mini-symphony for ambient Sunday.”





“Fortunately Jerusalem – based producer / musician Sasha Raskin has given us an excuse to post the video with his fittingly beautiful remix of Björk‘s ‘Jóga‘. He reduced the intensity of the original even further putting the Icelandic songstress firmly in the spotlight over a delicate electronic heartbeat and some well placed strings and beeps.”





“From production, to song choice, and even to the artwork, this is a well packaged artist certainly now on our radar.”





“An interesting listen. Check it out.”





“His Björk /Jòga remix is beautiful and dreamy, more a “reinterpretation” than a remix (the original was included in the Homogenic album, 1997).”





“The song was more cut and enhanced with a lot of warm tones, which combined gave everything less hysterical and more powerlful dimension.”





“Its focal point, certainly, is Mariqueen Maandig-Reznor’s voice, which is subtly enhanced by low-key piano lines from Reznor. Sasha Raskin’s remix takes away some of her spotlight by adding his own voice over hers. Synthesizer beats and effects turn the originally introspective track into a more upbeat, energetic venture, while the orchestral work gives it a catchy, dramatic edge.”





“He’s released a track done with his wife. And Sasha Raskin has done an orchestral remix. This is rather well done, in a slightly melodramatic sense. All breathy and drawn out.”





“There os something in his tracks that justt doesn't let you go.” (From Russian)





“This very sad and depressive song was not only enriched by Sasha by his vocals, but also by the insertion of instruments and – what is specific in Sasha’s remixes – by adding some kind of orchestral nature to it. I really like his thrilling singing in the end.”






"Extensive use of electronics, creating an imaginative soundscape with a laid back, spiritual vibe. Beautifully produced and original"


Sasha Raskin’s fusion of alternative rock and electronica is a lyrical exploration of the transformation of life's struggles into hope and inspiration together with nostalgic melodies -- delivered through cinematic landscapes, and multi-layered vocals -- it is a warm hug of traditional instruments combined with electronic sounds of the future. Sasha Raskin has remixed Bjork, Trent Reznor, Matisyahu, and Gary Numan, collaborated with musicians from all over the world, and composes music for theatre and films. Originally from Russia, he developed his sound in Israel and now lives in Boulder, CO.


Sasha Raskin, a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer, began experimenting with different bleeps and bits at 13. Later on, he incorporated harmony, melody, vocals and organic instruments like bass, piano, and guitar. For Raskin, it’s all about giving to others what music has given him.


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