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The new single from City Stars Lights EP is out now!

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I wrote this song for my partner before I met her.  Since I was a child I always had this strange feeling of missing someone whom I have never met. 

I always felt that I am about to meet a special someone that will complete my life. I don’t think it was the culture that embedded these ideas in my mind because that feeling was very physical, nostalgic, and real. When lonely, I felt a hole in my chest that was strangely warm.
I needed to find this person and always knew it would happen, and it did. I had to move from Russia to Israel, and then from Israel to the U.S. in order to find her. 
I wrote this song about living a single life and trying to satisfy the longing for a soulmate by constantly dating people that never felt like they were right for me. City lights are so bright that you can not see the stars when you’re in the city. 

My connection to nature gets lost when I’m in an urban environment and I forget about the important things. When writing the music of City Stars Lights I tried to translate this longing to real connection to a soulmate and to nature, into sounds. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!
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City stars lights


It’s so hard to miss someone

Whom I never have met

It’s the strangest sensation

That I honestly have ever felt


This song is about clinging

To the city night’s hours

Though they did kept us warm

They never felt ours


City stars lights

We get lost in sight

Though we never have met

We miss each other so much


If I’ll meet you I’ll tell you the

reason Why you can’t see stars

When inside in the city

You’re blinded by city’s own lights

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