“Half rock ballad, half electro pop, held together by great vocals” 
"Extensive use of electronics, creating an imaginative soundscape with a laid back, spiritual vibe. Beautifully produced and original"
“Openness of mind which results in a deep musical mix of genres” AUBOUDUFIL 
Sasha Raskin’s fusion of alternative rock and electronica is a lyrical exploration of a transformation of life's struggles into hope and inspiration together with nostalgic melodies -- delivered through warm electronic beats, cinematic landscapes, and multi-layered vocals -- it is a warm hug of traditional instruments combined with electronic sounds of the future. Sasha Raskin has remixed Bjork, Trent Reznor, Matisyahu, and Gary Numan, collaborated with musicians from all over the world, started Natural Highs Records and composed music for theatre. Originally from Russia, he developed his sound in Israel, and now lives in Boulder, CO.
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