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All three Sasha Raskin's CDs, including the brand new EP "City Stars Lights".


Includes digital downloads of the 3 releases: within 24 hours after placing your order you will recieve an email with download links of mp3 and high quality FLAC files. 



Only Music (Deluxe Edition)


“The album is full of songs that are emotional and introspective both musically and lyrically. The songs work together to create something beautiful and religious” 





Song list: 


1. Only Music (Complete Version)

2. Cocaine Love (feat. Adaya)

3. Quantum Love

4. Requiem For Beginnings

5. Breathe In

6. Ride On (feat. Adaya)

7. Cocaine Love (Bonus Track)

8. Only Music (Acoustic)


Sea Sand


“Lyrically and emotively Sea Sand is a beautiful collaboration of musicians experimenting in a way only the new flat world offers” 





Song list: 


1. Sea Sand (Atlantic) with ScottM

2. Sea Sand (Pacific) with Tatsuya Shimazaki

3. Sea Sand (Arctic) with Fedepiano

4. Sea Sand (Indian) with Miri

5. Sea Sand (Southern)


City Stars Lights


“With a wistful guitar that simmers beneath the somber yearning instrumental, Raskin details his longing for a real connection with a soulmate, and for nature.” 





Song list: 


1. City Stars Lights (Stars Version feat. Stella Mae)

2. The Best You Can (Stars Version)

3. Atom Toys (Lights Version)

4. City Stars Lights (Lights Version)

5. The Best You Can (Lights Version)

6. Atom Toys (Lights Version)


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