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Bjork And I

Recently, after finishing writing original music for the international theatre production Rainbows Over Hiroshima that currently runs in Russia, I was reflecting on my very first release, a remix for Bjork’s Joga. It was a year before I released my first album.

I was sitting in my tiny bedroom studio in Israel and was looking outside on the same old boring view. I felt nervous about releasing my almost finished first album. It felt very personal and vulnerable. I also was afraid that as an artist from such a tiny country, the album would just disappear into obscurity. So I decided to write a remix for one of the favorite songs by a musical hero of mine, Bjork. Beyond a way to promote my upcoming album, that remix was in a way my gift back to one of my heroes, for inspiring me to create music. I decided to use only Bjork’s vocals and some of the strings, and to write a completely new music to it.

I was very proud of the result. I decided to promote it on Twitter and Facebook, but I was not prepared for the outcome. Literally tens of thousands people downloaded that track, blogs from many different countries wrote about it, and it was featured on Bjork’s LastFm page. But the most amazing thing was all the love that I got from people from all the world, who wrote, tweeted and commented on my interpretation of that beautiful song.

My version is a departure from the original with new dreamy synth sounds and melodies and electronic beats. It was such an honor to get such a reaction to my twist of that beautiful song.

The track is not available for sale but as a thank you for being one of my subscribers I want to give it to you for free - no strings attached. Download my version of Bjork’s here. If you like the track you might also consider checking out Only Music. It's the album that I released after that remix and it's full of electronic pop tunes that I like to think would make the queen of electronic music proud :-)



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